Everything our children need to know can be learned at the dinner table …

  By Lynne Forrest We discount a natural, powerful, highly effective tool for teaching our kids essential skills for life, when we fail to use food and the ritual of family mealtime to support life lessons. We have this powerful motivator called food readily available to us for teaching purposes, if we but knew to take advantage of it! After all, every human being must

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Introducing The Radically Simple, Powerfully Effective, Happy Kid Toolkit™

The Happy Kid Toolkit© is a set of educational tools designed for use in homes, schools, or anywhere kids come together for educational or healing purposes. Based on basic principles of life and Reality, the Happy Kid Toolkit© shows kids how to make healthier, happier, and more successful choices. Its educational tools teach self-responsibility, self-initiative, and better communication, for kids (and Adults too!) The Happy Kid

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