Reality versus Shouldville

Since I trust that there is a plan greater than my own … and that Reality calls the shots in a way that ultimately serves me best, I can trust that what is happening today is what is supposed to be happening. This means, that in spite of the ego voice that says I should be further along or that I’m supposed to be doing

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A Skeptic’s Sensitivity

I remember well the years (and I do mean years of not being able to feel energy, leaving me with the notion that there was no such thing – even though I liked the idea of it … I mean really … how could it be real if you can’t see it, touch it or feel it moving? And it’s not like there was this

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Newtonian vs Quantum Physics ….

When we buy into a Newtonian view of the Universe which perceives with an exterior focused vision; a form of seeing that says only that which we can see, touch and feel is “real” – it limits our ability to see the whole, or bigger picture. We fail to understand the world as being the flowing Source of Energy that it really is. The world

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