Seeing the World Through Our Story

An example… Let’s say that I believe Daniel is putting me down with something he said. This causes me to see him as being unkind perhaps and as trying to belittle me. I react accordingly. Perhaps I am short with him or confront him angrily …. Meanwhile, Daniel is highly insulted by my unfair accusations. He tells me he said what he said thinking I

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When Others Are Affected by Our Moods ….

So, ok … folks:) let’s talk about this relationship idea that says, “My partner SHOULD be supportive and understanding when I’m in a down place ….”. As one client said; “It’s one thing to take care of our own moods, but then there’s being in a relationship with someone who is affected by our moods and “throws it back at us”. If I’m in a

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When Life Events Dictate My Mood ….

Here’s another commonly shared idea … “The more I heard about how much it was going to cost … the worse I felt.” How do you feel and react when you tell yourself that your mood is determined by some outside factor, like a bill for your house or your car? Or your dentist or the children’s education? When our feelings are determined by external

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