Go first to Source ….

Go first to your daily practice upon arising. I suggest making it a habit – something you do automatically. Let it be the first thought when eyes open in the mornings – i.e. “it’s time to align and connect with Source”. Giving yourself space every day (even if only a few minutes) to remember who and what you are – vs. what and who you’re

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Our Beliefs Are The Lens Through Which We See The World.

The Universal rule is this: We each operate out of our own belief system and everything we see is colored by those beliefs. Our beliefs are like a lens through which we view the world. We look out at the world through these ideas that we’ve never questioned with no idea about how deeply they are affecting our vision. I didn’t mean to imply that

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A Conscious Experiment in Consciousness

For me it is a conscious experiment. I give myself the assignment to practice seeing everything I encounter throughout my day as part of my own mind. No matter where I am or what is going on, I remind myself that what I am seeing and experiencing is a reflection of my inner state. I then look at it through that lens. I ask, “What

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