Yin Yang Energy

In 1928, an English physicist, Paul Dirac, theorized that every particle  has its own companion particle that has the same mass and spin, but with an opposite charge. These companion particles are known as “antiparticles.” Somewhere in the early thirties, another scientist, Carl Anderson, in his quest to answer the question, “Where do the antiparticles go?” discovered  a track of antiparticles in a cloud chamber,

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Time Stands Still, Forms Shift & Change

photo credit: Matti Mattila A quantum physics sort of musing on time: We’ve all heard that time is an illusion, but grasping this concept has been difficult for me. As I was waking up this morning the explanation was available and clear in my mind. It goes like this: all matter is made up of moving atoms of energy. Everything vibrates and is in motion.

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