There Are No Accidents, Our Lives Have Meaning

photo credit: Dyanna There are no accidents, no coincidences. There is a purpose and reason for the things we experience and because “God/Source is good,” we learn to look for the gifts in what we experience; yes, even in horrendous situations, there will be a “gold nugget” or higher purpose. Ask those who have been through the rape or lost a loved one to cancer

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Could It Really Be That The World is Perfect Just As It Is?

This idea that the world is perfect in its design is not some new age nonsensical idea. It’s the way it is. It’s only when we think that the Universe is supposed to live up to some utopian ideal of a perfect world that we find ourself struggling against the way things are. When we believe these sorts of thoughts we tend to see ourselves

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Abundance for Life Purpose

To align on a daily basis keeps me in line with the purpose Source has for me. Nothing else is required for a life of purpose and joy. I understand my part of the process … I know that since I can’t make anything happen – I might as well relax and enjoy how life is unfolding through me. I have everything I need for

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Deciding Future Is Not Our Purpose

I am free as well from feeling guilty, lost or behind in “finding my purpose”…. There is no effort to try to “make my life into something special”, because I know what my purpose is … it’s quite simply … to be doing whatever Source is doing through me right now. That’s it. That’s as much as I need to know. There’s nothing I need

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On Being A Vessel …

We are made to be filled and moved by this Life Force that we call Source. We are each uniquely designed … shaped really, (much like a potter throws a pot for a specific function …) for the performance of some distinct purpose. Yes, I am saying that we are shaped for an individual and unique purpose. But I am NOT implying that we have

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