There’s No Way I’m Voting For That Political Candidate!

Just because you find that you are in a total state of negative reaction towards a candidate does not mean that what you see about them might not be true. A projection can turn out to be true. Maybe what you tell yourself about that political candidate happens to be true. But here’s the thing … you would not be having such a negative reaction

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Projecting Onto Others Serve Us ….

Our projection on others are meant to serve us. Our judgments about them can bring us back to a judgment against ourselves and the story that goes with it … all we need do is to follow it in. Our friends are loving us through their willingness to carry our negative projections (whether they know it or not). They are helping us increase self awareness

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Projections Are Our Own story Cast To Fit Others….

We look at ourselves and one another through a lens that sees only the projections we’ve cast onto others. Projections come from our own (self) judgments. We see our story about ourselves and unconsciously project it onto them and then we start reacting as if it’s true. This, in turn, activates a dance between the two of us that will end up verifying our stories

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Judgment to Projection back to Self-recrimination

Yes, we are learning to follow our external judgmental projections in to where that, which we’ve judged negatively in others, lives in us. When we judge someone as controlling, the principle teaches that we are seeing our own controlling nature “out there”. But, it’s not about turning the judgment ON ourselves. That doesn’t heal anything! To catch myself hating something about someone else and then

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Anniversary Resistance

Every year, Daniel and I take two weekend road trips to someplace within driving distance, in order to revel and relax in each others company; we go once a year, to celebrate our wedding anniversary and then again, we take a small trip during our birthday season (our birthdays are not quite a month apart). We just returned from our anniversary weekend. It was a

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