Using the Guiding Principles During the “Hard Times”

The news concerning my health was not what I wanted to hear. The lab report that brought the news was part of a screening for a clinical study I was applying for to test a new drug protocol for Hepatitis C, a condition I was diagnosed with in 2001. The news was disappointing for two reasons, one, because I did not qualify to participate in

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Victim or Victor?

It’s quite natural for us to assume that the opposite of victim is victor. In reality, however, the role of victor is just another stop on the victim triangle on its way to victim. The “victor” may stand with a conquering foot planted firmly on their victim, loudly proclaiming victory; however they are still at war;they must be ever-vigilant against defeat. Like their victim, they

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No Mistake …

photo credit: Thirteen Of Clubs The people in our lives are there by design, especially our lifemates. You could even say that they are handpicked to play the role they play in our lives. Whether we like it or not, whether we approve of the way they live their lives or handle money, regardless of how we feel about them, they are in our life

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Transforming relationship through spiritual principles ….

Once I began to practice seeing my life situation through a lens of universal principles I stopped feeling powerless in my relationships with others. Instead of feeling mistreated by my husband (as I had been doing) for instance, I was able to see that his behavior was a reflection of that part of myself that was frequently frustrated and short tempered towards myself (& him)!

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Self Blame leads to Judgment of Others ……..

by FatBusinessman Negative judgment of others acts like a finger pointing, it reflects back to us our own internalized guilt. Blame of self is behind all externally focused negative judgment. For instance, when I find fault in you … I am really seeing something about myself that I have not accepted. Instead of owning it, I deny it and look for a way to blame

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