Authenticity Resides in the Present.

Someone recently spoke to me about their preference for people who are “authentic” …. It prompted me to ponder on the word, and wonder … “What determines authenticity, anyway?”…. Here’s what I think … I think we’re authentic to the degree that we’re able to give our full attention to whatever it is we’re doing right now – in this very moment. … And I

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Should or Shouldn’t … The Voice of Ego

Ego has it’s own particular devices for stealing us away from the present moment and carrying us off into places that don’t actually exist. One such place is the imaginary land of “Shouldville”. Shouldville is the resistant state of consciousness we find ourselves in when we find ourselves thinking in terms of “should” or “shouldn’t”. Whenever we’re thinking life shouldn’t be the way it is,

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Open Your Eyes To Peace

My daughter and I took my grandchildren, Nicolas and Isabella, to Gatlinburg this past weekend. It was wonderful. What a great time we had … at least until we decided to take the chair lift up to the top of Alpine Mountain for the mountain slide back down. The chair lift is a series of two seater swings pulled up the mountain side on a

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