Living Out Our Diagnosis …

When we mentally attune our thoughts to the unhappy expectations of others, especially when those others are “experts” who base their words on “scientific proof,” or “medical evidence”  (which makes it sound so TRUE), we tend to fall under the spell of believing what we hear … and then we tend to live that diagnosis out in life. For truly I have found, that it

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Life Gives Us Instant Feedback Every Moment

Although I have  worked with people for many years, listening to their personal stories and exploring with them ways to address their life dramas, I remain fascinated by the endless variety of ways that each individual’s life reflects their particular core beliefs about themselves and life. I mean our lives reflect our beliefs perfectly! I see this simple truth every day in my work with

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Courage and Passion Comes Only From Conviction

Our passion for something is determined by our belief, or conviction, in it. From such conviction comes courage to stand and share what we believe passionately. The rule is this: From deep conviction comes the passion for it, and out of such passion, courage is born. Or another way of saying it is this: I cannot be passionate about something I do not believe in, and

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Breaking Through Barriers of Impossibility

photo credit: Daniel Berg Wim Hof: The Ice Man is someone who inspires me. Wim is known, perhaps most famously, as the “Ice Man” because he has broken world records for withstanding sub-zero temperatures while being simultaneously submerged in ice; a teeth chattering experience to even consider much less attempt. I know it is easy to decide , as my husband tends to think, that

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Verifying Belief

The ideas I present throughout this blog are ones I’ve gathered from literary sources, from my travels & life experience, and from actual study with masters of my choosing; I’ve observed these ideas at work in the lives of those who confide in me and I’ve experimented with them in the laboratory of my own personal life. I have verified them to my own satisfaction

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