Personal Transformation

Lynne “After” w/ same granddaughter, now age 6   Someone asked me recently how I saw myself regarding this work. They asked if I think of myself as an “expert,” or as an “authority on victim consciousness.” It was a good question, and I found myself thinking about how I DO see myself. Of course, the true answer is that how I think of myself

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Is My Message Anti-Christian? (part two)

photo credit: AlicePopkorn I continue here my unfolding story of my own journey to faith for your own judgment in answer to the question, Is my message anti-Christian? In part one, I describe the experience of growing up in a home that was very polarized in their view of spirituality. Here I describe the effect of that polarity in my own life. Regardless of their

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Part 3; Noah … Building the Ark

photo credit: Sweet One It doesn’t take much to see how relevant the story of Noah and the Ark is to our personal life journey. The Biblical story describes our own spiritual life journey. We all face “floods” in life. Perhaps the flood we encounter comes to us through loss of job, relationship or loved one; through addiction or mental illness – maybe we lived

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