Victimhood Is A Mental Illness

photo credit: Mark Cummins The three roles of victimhood, (persecutor, rescuer, victim) can all take a serious toll on our lives. These roles take over our minds and prompt us to act in ways that generate much unhappiness. This morning, Leon commented on my blog about a friend, a rescuer, who cannot keep a job because he feels compelled to “save” his work mates from

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Politics on the Victim Triangle

Politics On The Victim Triangle There’s a relational diagram or tool called the Victim Triangle that clearly defines the three roles we play in Victim Consciousness: Persecutor, Rescuer and Victim. These three roles are all part of a victim mentality that perceives ourselves (or others) as being “at the mercy of” or “done in by” others. This painful way of perceiving life becomes a lens

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Global Relations are played out on the Victim Triangle, too ….

“Having completed another September 11th anniversary, I was thinking about the relationships that country’s have with each other and then I thought of the article you wrote called The Three Faces of Victim. I wonder, “… can entire countries interact with each other on the triangle, just as individuals do with each other?“ What a great question! And the answer is YES, Absolutely! The Victim

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