Fighting Reality Generates more of What We’re Fighting Against!

photo credit: popculturegeek.com Let me start by saying that, personally, I do not tend to take on causes of any sort – simply because I’ve noticed that to take on a cause generally means I must identify one side as the victim, and the other side then must automatically become the “bad guy,” or persecutor. To me this misses the point. The point becomes who

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Persecuting ourselves on the victim triangle

Hopefully we are growing in awareness of how we play out the victim triangle in our relationship with others. But are we as aware of how we play out the victim triangle internally with ourselves? As I questioned who I become when I believe the thought that I should be different, I saw how I move through all three roles on the victim triangle in

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To Survive or To Save Others

photo credit: gogoloopie There’s a difference between what I call a starting gate persecutor and the persecutor role a rescuer plays as they trek around the triangle. It is this: A starting gate persecutor lives out of a deep-seated conviction that attack is the only way to survive. A starting gate rescuer in the role of the persecutor is a rescuer who feels frustrated because

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Living in Victim Mentality

When you live in victimhood it means that you are on the victim triangle all the time – simply moving from one role to another …. You’re either persecuting – blaming, attacking and feeling abused. This means you spend most of your time feeling mistreated. rescuing – fixing, controlling and self sacrificing. This leaves you feeling unappreciated. Or you’re in victim – impotent, incapable, helpless

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Victims are Dangerous ….

Byron Katie says, “Victims are dangerous”. The Victim Triangle shows us exactly how that works. Basically, there are three roles that victims play and persecutor is one of them. It’s an inevitable part of being in the victim cycle. Victims are deeply angry, no matter what sort of facade they may present to the world. How could someone not be angry when they believe that

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