How Do We Get Out Of The Victim Loop?

Recently a subscriber asked this question: “How I can be an observer of my being in observer consciousness? How can I pull back from my own observations of the manifestations of my own thought processes in order to see clearly where I am going wrong and where I can alter course to go right?? All I can see is the fog of my own thoughts (results of my thought processes/beliefs (of

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Which do you choose – Source or Separation?

photo credit: alicepopkorn Source, in its infinite wisdom and compassion for us, stands back, allowing us the freedom to believe whatever limiting thoughts we choose (and the suffering that goes with it). Source does not intervene or attempt to rescue us from our painful thinking. It just goes on ceaselessly radiating its Light and Kindness – leaving us free to choose: Do we choose to

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Learning to doubt our limiting story ….

by Austin Tolin Most (if not all) of us carry a painful and life limiting story about who we are. We may swing to the other extreme of grandiosity or false bravado or present a facade of extreme self confidence as a way to cover or compensate for these stories but underneath we often secretly feel like a phony. Sometimes we even convince ourselves that

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