Suffering is Optional, Pain is Not

photo credit: Kim Marius Flakstad I am not in denial of the hardships of life. I know that life happens the way it does! After all, every thought that has ever been thought is “made flesh” on our planet, including murder, rape, disease, all of it. I am not blind to these things. But I understand that our suffering is generated in the mind FIRST.

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Trusting Life … even hardship….

We may not know why difficulties come, but we trust there IS a reason and that it’s for the highest good. To resist the hardships we encounter only brings more pain so we learn to witness & look for the lessons contained within them. Not a single thing have I faced in life – no matter the level of hardship – that didn’t turn out

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Defining Victim

We see the world through a victim lens anytime we make something out there responsible for our own state of well-being. It doesn’t matter if we see that thing as causing us happiness or pain … it’s still victim mentality when we hold anything outside ourselves as the cause of our own inner state; we are seeing ourselves as done to by or at the

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Mental Fasting

Recently I participated in a mental fast. This is a practice that involves keeping close vigilance over thoughts that come and go in the mind… The intention is to watch for the least budding of a negative thought. When a stressful or low frequency thought surfaced, I would immediately apply the principle of “upping” the emotional/mental frequency by looking for a “higher” version of that

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Are you”wigging out”?

When you find yourself “wigging out” over some life happening … here are a few reminders on how to regain sanity … Breathe deeply … ground and center … write your painful thoughts down and take them through Byron Katie’s four questions and turn around. Thoughts like; “… I’m being held back”, “The world is trying to keep me down”, “I don’t deserve better …

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