Seeing Self in Another ….

Seeing another as yourself is the true way to see each and every person you encounter. This does not mean you see a friend as a “self centered, control-freak” and then in the name of doing the work, take that set of labels and turn them on yourself in some twisted form of a turn around. That’s just self abuse. That’s not what we’re talking

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When we relate to others from ego ….

When we relate to others from our wounded egos we use people. That’s the only way that part of us knows how to relate. The ego aspect of us sees friends as commodities … as objects that can be helpful or useful – to be used and discarded at will. It’s the part that objectifies everything. It’s the part of us that sees illusion. From

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Seeing others as reflections of self….

When I practice seeing everything as an extension of my own mind, it gets very interesting indeed. It’s then, for instance, that I can see the talented and sincere young Qigong teacher whose seminar I attended this past weekend as an aspect of me. I mentioned attending The Supreme Science Qigong Seminar with Jeff Primack in a previous blog entry When I look at him

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