Is My Message Anti-Christian? (part four)

Last post, I spoke of how I was led step by step back into a conscious relationship with my own Master, the Christ. It appears that Christ did not fully reveal himself to me until He knew I was ready to accept Him. He had to bring Daniel into my life first as part of the preparation of bringing me back to my spiritual roots.

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Letting Go of Judgment

by ClintJCL I visited my old stomping grounds recently – the place I grew up and where some old friends remain, still indulging in the alcohol and bar-related activities I too, once did …. I enjoyed being with them even though I no longer participate in those former activities. What made it most enjoyable, I later reflected, was the lack of judgment or comparison I

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What is death?

What is death? Here’s what I think…. We preview death every time we close our eyes and go to sleep. That dream life that takes us over when we sleep is as close as we can come to experiencing death while in a body. This is why there is no need to fear it. Who among us does not like to close our eyes and

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