The Three Gifts of Victim Consciousness

Each of the three roles on the victim triangle teach a particular lesson that, once learned, becomes the gift of that role on the Observer Triangle. The victim, for instance, teaches surrender and humility through powerlessness. Learning when we are truly powerless is part of what it is to come alignment with Reality. The Victim transformed becomes the Observer who knows how to surrender their

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Introducing The Observer Triangle and The Reality Diamond

We cannot get rid of the victim triangle: it is where we automatically go whenever we blame. The three roles or positions we move through in victim consciousness pretty much covers our present mental range of expression. And all three blame. These roles represent the ‘natural’ consciousness on our planet; as humans, it appears we have not yet even moved beyond the automatic need to

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Liberation Through Struggle

Life shake-ups are designed to wake us up. That is their design and purpose. When painful things occur, we can choose to see them through a victim mentality that says, “Why me? …” or we can step back and ask, “What can I learn?”. Every single painful event that has occurred in my life has been necessary and right on time for my own personal

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