Mind Chatter

The mind keeps us engaged with its incessant chatter. Its purpose is obvious. It must keep up a constant chattering to hold us captive in our own unique, designed-just-for-us-fear-based story. To allow any space in that mental run-on would be to risk the danger of our discovering that we are not the stressful, limiting, and exceedingly unhappy story that the victim mind uses to define us.

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Time Stands Still, Forms Shift & Change

photo credit: Matti Mattila A quantum physics sort of musing on time: We’ve all heard that time is an illusion, but grasping this concept has been difficult for me. As I was waking up this morning the explanation was available and clear in my mind. It goes like this: all matter is made up of moving atoms of energy. Everything vibrates and is in motion.

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Authenticity Resides in the Present.

Someone recently spoke to me about their preference for people who are “authentic” …. It prompted me to ponder on the word, and wonder … “What determines authenticity, anyway?”…. Here’s what I think … I think we’re authentic to the degree that we’re able to give our full attention to whatever it is we’re doing right now – in this very moment. … And I

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More on Clearing Limiting Beliefs

I’m still thinking about my post yesterday where I described working with a core belief about being sick. I realized that I don’t have to go to the opposite story in order to align my thinking. That’s just another story, albeit a high frequency one …. 🙂 Besides, it’s probably not realistic to think that I’m going to be able to leap from one extreme

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Working in the Fields

As we move towards the end of the year we may find ourselves thinking about our calling. It’s a time when stress-creating stories about the need to know what our service is supposed to be come up…. Instead of sugar plums, visions of the “Great Success” we were supposed to be and never did, dance in our heads …. Feelings of inadequacy and failure accompany

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