What If We Are Addicts Of Our Own Body’s Chemistry? Now What?

It’s true – we are actually addicted to our own internal chemicals! It’s our neocortex, the front brain, where our thoughts are thought. From there they send electrical impulses to the Limbic or mid-brain, where they are translated into feelings that motivate our behavior and reactions. In other words our feelings and reactions come from the thoughts we attach to (believe). Just like the Reality Formula, based

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NeuroCue Presents Reality Formula: Stepping Stones to Peace

NeuroCue is a phone application that helps you build new neural pathways! It was NeuroCue™, and Jesse Robbins, that introduced me to neuroscience. NeuroCue™ uses the latest findings in neuroplasticity and neuroscience to support building new neural pathways to peace. Click here to learn more and DOWNLOAD it now… Jesse uses leading edge technology in creating this first of its kind totally innovative product! NeuroCue is

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