Building “Mental Immunity” against negative thoughts …

photo credit:Sarah G… Thoughts, much like pollen or germs in the air, are rampant. They are everywhere. They don’t originate in our minds, but belong to the collective universe. As Byron Katie is fond of saying, “There are no new, or original, stressful thoughts!” In the same way germs or allergens affect those with weak immune systems, we, too, are “infected” by negative thoughts, if

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Our Negative Reactions Reflect Our Own Thinking

photo credit: Ajda Gregor?i? Every negative reaction we have comes from our thoughts – no matter how tempting it is to think that our negative response is caused by something outside us. When we think, “They’re making me …” or “they’re ruining my life,” we’re operating out of a victim state of consciousness. When we react to something out there we can rest assured that

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Peace is an Inside Job ….

by rivalee Have you noticed how often it’s the mind, rather than life events, that spooks us? While in Miami doing a qigong workshop with Jeff Primack of Supreme Science Qigong Foundation I stayed at a hotel on the beach and awoke early one morning with the inspired notion of doing my morning practice on the beach. A few minutes later I arrived on the

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