Step back & question that thought ….

It’s important to remember that feelings come from thought. Always. Therefore when we awake feeling bad in the morning – there can only be one cause – and that would be our own thoughts. Knowing this, we turn our gaze fully on the offending thought(s) and question its validity. Once we’ve stepped back from believing what we think … peace follows. Blessings, Lynne

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Outer reflecting the Inner. …

Here’s another example of how outer reflects the inner…. Parking for the Convention Center is in a several storied garage … when I returned to the seminar I was attending after lunch on Saturday, I ended up parking on the very rooftop of the garage since it was so full. But it wasn’t until that evening after the seminar ended that I discovered the real

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Mental Cleanse with Byron Katie

I am back on the mountain after four days in Los Angeles with Byron Katie. WOW! Did I ever come back “saturated” with experience and data! I spent three solid hours on my mat yesterday clearing and processing. It wasn’t until then that I began to get real insight around why I’d really gone to L.A. I was drawn to Katie’s “Mental Cleanse” process originally

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