We are NOT the Somebody we Present to the World: Giving up our mask

 photo credit: Zach Dischner When we believe our mind-made story about who we are, we become someone who thinks we’re THAT somebody. We invest our whole attention on building and living out that story about who we are until we convince ourselves and those around us that we are indeed the mask, the false idea of a self, that we wear. The mask we wear,

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Relief from Painful Beliefs Through Self Inquiry….

I recently uncovered a restricting story that goes; “whatever I think and experience as inspiring and helpful for me is something I’m supposed to share with others IMMEDIATELY”. I quickly recognized that believing that thought had me feeling obligated to pass on any and every new thing I learned, whether I felt ready, or even wanted to, or not …. “It’s what I’m supposed to

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Converting Self Abuse to Acceptance

I noticed this morning during my morning practice that there was a story running in my mind about a recent gathering here on the mountain. I knew I was tired and even uncharacteristically irritable after the participants left … but it wasn’t until the next morning that I connected my low frequency emotional state to thoughts I was believing about the way I led a

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