You can change your past ……

by Etolane I’ve discovered that we can indeed change our past. I’ve done it. My realization came through a recent exchange with a client. During our session she shared details around a traumatic childhood event that still haunts her. I mentioned that I had a similar event happen to me as a child. She immediately launched into how sorry she was that I’d gone through

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Cleansing Our Bloodlines

I am always awed at the timing of our emotional process … it is proof positive to me that Source is in charge. My process is always so “right on time” — memories surface along with the resources needed to help me clear my story around them. In this way, I not only increase my capacity for inner peace, but am working to heal my

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Death Is No “Gift”…Or Is It?

I got some strong feedback disagreeing with some of what I said yesterday about death. Hearing the feedback brought me awareness of how my words could come across – It definitely could sound like I am discounting grief and that wasn’t my intention. I apologize if that’s how it sounds to you. One concern was about saying such things to someone who has just lost

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