What Does Having A Daily Practice Do For Us?

Pink Sherbet Photography Through a daily practice of some sort we openly commit to life, health and our own inner peace. Cultivating a centering practice (of centering prayer, zen meditation, inspirational reading, sacred dance, yoga, qigong or any number of other practices) allows us to trust that there is a purpose in life events, no matter how difficult a situation may seem. Daily centering empowers

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Becoming One With The Silence

In our daily practice …. We become quiet, not because we have imposed silence upon ourselves, but because we are eagerly experiencing the Presence of Silence within. We eventually become so quiet that there is no longer even a listener. No one is left to hear the silence. There is only Silence. We have merged with It – we are only That. This is what

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In Rua, Spain

Another day of walking is behind us. We will make Santiago tomorrow!  It´s hard to believe!  What a wonderful metaphor for the spiritual journey walking the camino is. I notice that it takes me longer and longer to arrive at our daily destination.  Not because I can’t go faster.  I’m just not in a hurry.  Wandering down paths and stopping to study the light on the path or smell a flower,

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