“How do I meditate?”

This question is one I am often asked. It prompts my left brain thinking mind to want to come up with a technical analysis and plan, a “how to” manual on meditation. If I did such, perhaps I could  call it, “The Right Way To Meditate. I’m being a bit tongue-in-cheek, and irreverent perhaps; I do not mean to put down meditation. Nothing of the

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Being all the way to Doing … and Back Again

In a state of morning surrender I abide, for long seconds at a time, in The Vibrating Silence. Being in that Presence, bathing in its Essence, one with it … There is no separation. No thought, not even the awareness of a self, is possible here. Then, suddenly the Observer Within notices the experience – it stands back to see that state of Beingness …

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Helpful Tips for Furthering Enlightenment

photo credit: lululemon athletica Here are some helpful tips for grounding and furthering your progress towards peace: 1. Start your day with a deliberate focus on aligning with Source. a. Read something inspirational to set the tone, and go, as if to a secret meeting w/ your beloved, to a private space set up somewhere in your home just for this purpose. Light a candle,

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Is My Message Anti-Christian? (part three)

photo credit: Vectorportal In my last post, which was part two in this series of describing my faith journey, I briefly described how my adolescent rebellion, which included experimentation with drugs, and a highly adventurous lifestyle, were all part of finding my way back to God. I mentioned that my father was the one who pointed me to the twelve steps and recovery through his

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Staying Focused On Source

m photo credit: Eddi 07 I notice how the presence of even one person can interrupt my focus on Source. When I am alone, I can surrender fully to a Source of Energy that stretches, opens my heart and moves me. I practice opening to that inspiration, and allowing it to prompt and guide me. Nothing stands between me & Source during those solitary moments.

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