To define the word, “manifestation”

I was thinking about the word “manifestation” and began to break it down and reflect upon its meaning. The first part of the word, “man” not only brings to mind the concept of “mankind” but the term, “manas” as well. This is a widely used word in esoterics, particularly in Theosophy where it is known as the “thinking principle”. It is the Mind. and …”the

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It is our Vibrational Frequency That Attracts our Life Experiences

The Law of Vibration teaches us that there are no mistakes. Every single person in our life came to us because they match our own vibrational frequency. Our frequency is determined by our beliefs. Our beliefs are the screenwriters for the drama we are living out. When we believe something like, “Nobody truly loves and respects me” … then we resonate a frequency that causes

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We Are Vibrational Beings

We are vibrational beings living in a world based on vibration. The Universe absolutely gives us what we “ask” for … not necessarily the things we request verbally, nonetheless we unfailingly get whatever it is that our vibrational frequency “requests”. The Universe picks up on our vibrational frequency and attracts to us that which reflects that same vibration. Every one’s life experience is determined by their vibrational

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Personal Transformation; My Story – part 2 (Prophesy or synchronicity?)

Nine years ago I attended a gathering in Sedona, Arizona, led by a man, (let’s call him Tom) who was my mentor at that time. Tom was a teacher of Alice Bailey and Rudolph Steiner’s work on esoteric principles; called Anthroposophy. He was a known “ray reader” – one of the few people who can “take in” and decipher a persons essential vibration. That’s part

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Drawing From The Well

Daniel and I are finally realizing our dream of creating a water garden in our back yard. We, along with a few family members and friends are the primary worker bees that are building this incredible three dimensional art form! Each one of us plays a unique part in it’s birthing. My primary role seems to be that of “head motivator”, or as Daniel might

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