Thoughts become Things

Yesterday, during my centering, I asked the question; “What story am I currently believing?” Immediately I caught a glimpse and heard the words, “… I am awakening ….” “Ah yes,” I thought, “that IS my current story …. …I tell myself that I am awakening into Reality. Awaking from a dream based on unquestioned stories about “me” and “my life”. Awakening through the process of

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What are feelings?

Pay attention to how you react when you judge something (anything) as “bad”. When you believe, for instance, that feelings are bad, how do you react towards them? I don’t know about you but when I think my feelings are bad, I want to get rid of them. I act like something is wrong with me for having them … I deny them, medicate them,

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This Dream Called “My Life”

This morning, I suddenly saw more clearly than ever that this experience I call “my life” is truly a dream. (“Welcome to Lynne’s dream!” ) When you come into my home… for instance, you enter the dream of what I have previously believed “Lynne’s home” could look like. In other words, I dreamed this place into concrete reality. What you see, in visible form, is

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Decision to go or not to go on pilgrimage

Out of the blue this morning, I invited my son to walk the Camino Pilgrimage in Spain with me and he agreed. I am still marveling over how it happened. I’ve been in this process of deciding to go or not to go for months … three times I decided I was not going — “It’s too expensive and difficult on a body still recovering

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