Introducing The Observer Triangle and The Reality Diamond

We cannot get rid of the victim triangle: it is where we automatically go whenever we blame. The three roles or positions we move through in victim consciousness pretty much covers our present mental range of expression. And all three blame. These roles represent the ‘natural’ consciousness on our planet; as humans, it appears we have not yet even moved beyond the automatic need to

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Why The Reality Formula™ Will Not Work For You!

(A hard-hitting summary, written by Jesse Robbins, Creator of Neurocue, that tells us like it is about why principles of Truth – no matter how well written, expressed, or presented –  are difficult, if not impossible, to assimilate. A must read for those who are serious about personal transformation! Lynne) Any good workshop, book, or training program will leave you feeling empowered… excited… optimistic… Right? This

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NeuroCue Presents Reality Formula: Stepping Stones to Peace

NeuroCue is a phone application that helps you build new neural pathways! It was NeuroCue™, and Jesse Robbins, that introduced me to neuroscience. NeuroCue™ uses the latest findings in neuroplasticity and neuroscience to support building new neural pathways to peace. Click here to learn more and DOWNLOAD it now… Jesse uses leading edge technology in creating this first of its kind totally innovative product! NeuroCue is

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How Are Bullies Made, Really?

I have been learning so much about the origins of bully energy from writing my workbook for Teachers and Parents on Bully-Free Consciousness this past summer. I have taken my work with adults to the kids in our life  and allowed them to show me what kids do with these concepts! I find that kids catch on very quickly about the three archetypes, or roles,

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