Lynne Forrest Offers Tools to Support Alignment and Expansion

If awakening is a driving force in your life and it is something that you deeply desire –  then I have important, effective, and highly accessible tools to share with you. Through my own life study and experience. I have uncovered routes to inner peace that I use for myself and have shared with hundreds of clients who consistently report miraculous changes they have witnessed

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The Reality Formula At Work In Business

The Guiding Principles of Reality work wherever they are used. These Universal Truths are the way we see life when we are aligned with Reality. They bring us a sense of peace in our personal and family life, and they help us find right relationship with our partners, in life as well as in the business arena.Today I decided it would be helpful to share

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The Reality Formula™ Goes South to St Petersburg, Florida in Early 2017

I recently experienced an “inner instruction” that, in truth, is the reason this email is being written!  It’s an encounter with the numinous that has given me the next step for my work with The Reality Formula™. Here’s the story: During my visit over the Thanksgiving holidays with my son, Andrew Guilfoil, who lives in St. Petersburg, Florida, I was doing my usual morning practice, It

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Changing Focus from Bigger and Better to Going Small Instead…

Recently my inner process brought me around to seeing my work in a more concentrated way. I was looking for ways to make the services I offer more personal, more intimate … in other words, I’ve been thinking in terms of “going small” rather than investing in ways to appeal to more and more people. Let me share with you what brought me around to seeing my work

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The Reality Formula™ at Forest Haven

  Imagine living with our family for a weekend …   Can you see yourself sitting with us over garden-fresh meals, or sharing a walk in the garden with me?  Can you see yourself sitting in the midst of a small, intimate group of like-minded friends, together absorbing the Guiding Principles of Reality© as  you witness them being practiced in action?  What value would you place on such an

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