Converting self abuse to self forgiveness….

What follows is a process of self-inquiry I did recently. I thought I’d share it as an example of the work that allows me to uncover the peace that otherwise lies buried underneath stressful thoughts. It seemed to be a clear example of how to consciously move away from a place of story-running, self denigration into a more forgiving state. Self abuse is a place

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When Life Events Dictate My Mood ….

Here’s another commonly shared idea … “The more I heard about how much it was going to cost … the worse I felt.” How do you feel and react when you tell yourself that your mood is determined by some outside factor, like a bill for your house or your car? Or your dentist or the children’s education? When our feelings are determined by external

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Why Indulge in Misery?

Personally speaking, I find that my emotional state is absolutely up to me. I have yet to find a reason that I’ve been able to justify that warrants my indulging in low frequency energy. I’m not saying I don’t engage in story … I certainly do – all the time… It’s just that I don’t stay there long. As a matter of fact, I often

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Choosing Frequency

One of my students (thanks Je :)) shared the following example as a way to explain how frequency works ….She said;”Let’s say you enter a room full of people.  Half of the crowd is angry and negative and the other half are very positive and upbeat.   The Law of Vibration says that whatever frequency you’re on when you walk into the room will determine

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Daily Practice as Preventive

Isn’t it amazing to watch how our ego’s jump at telling and listening to stories guaranteed to generate chaos and internal distress? Most of us have participated, some time or other, in the ego device of passing on a low frequency tale designed to trigger someone’s misery generating story. And then they’re off to the races and we can engage with them in playing a

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