What Does A Healthy Relationship Look Like?

A healthy relationship is one where it is safe to tell the truth. It is safe because neither of us hold the other one responsible for our own personal happiness or success. Therefore we don’t feel easily insulted or threatened by what the other one thinks or does, by their opinions or choices. In a healthy relationship, we feel at ease; we trust that our

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What is Love?

  Love is the energy that surrounds everything, every creature and creation, and it’s sole purpose is to unite us with our true nature, to bring us into harmony and connection with who we truly are. Love is the clear, high energy of, and therefore the presence of, Source. As the Bible says, God is Love. Love gets a bad rap in our world, sometimes

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Remembering Who I Am

photo credit: Candida.Performa I forget who I am all day long. But there’s a difference now. Now I remember that I am forgetting And I return to remembering — All day long. photo credit: h.koppdelaney

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Victim Mind is Fear Based

 photo credit: prudencebrown121 Fear is the driving emotion when we are in victimhood. Regardless of what role on the Victim Triangle we may be operating out of, fear predominates because victimhood comes out of fear based thinking. In life there are two prevailing emotional frequencies: “Love” or “Fear.” Every feeling falls into one or the other of those two categories. Emotional responses generated by fear

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Transforming relationship through spiritual principles ….

Once I began to practice seeing my life situation through a lens of universal principles I stopped feeling powerless in my relationships with others. Instead of feeling mistreated by my husband (as I had been doing) for instance, I was able to see that his behavior was a reflection of that part of myself that was frequently frustrated and short tempered towards myself (& him)!

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