Shifting Our Focus From The Outer to The Inner

photo credit: bethography – melting mama Our whole way of seeing must shift if we are to experience lasting transformation. We must shift our focus from the external world of form to the deeper internal focus. This shift of focus is absolutely necessary for higher consciousness, health and inner peace to prevail in our lives. Here’s an example: Deborah is overweight and complains of feeling

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Guilt is Fattening

I lost 50 pounds 3 years ago and have kept it off. The first thing I gave up was guilt. photo credit: dimas.r I am serious. I realized that I was “running” a guilt-producing story in my mind every time I ate something that I considered to be the least bit “high calorie,” “unhealthy,” or “unnecessary.” I came to the conclusion that my self-talk, full

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Lose Weight By Shedding Mental Baggage

by CeeDub1 Can I lose Weight by changing the way I think? Answer: Changing the way you think about yourself is the only way you will be able to sustain weight loss! Diets have been proven to have minimal lasting effect. Exercise is somewhat more effective than dieting … and the reason for that is because when you adopt a lifestyle change such as regular

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Personal Transformation; My Story – part 4 (Dramatic Change)

Today, not a year later, the changes are dramatic, inside and out. I do indeed have a new body. For instance, I dropped forty pounds without effort. I mean that literally. I did not diet. As a matter of fact, when I made the decision to become a serious practitioner, losing weight was not foremost in my thoughts. I wanted to heal and align with

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