What’s the Difference between Reality & My Beliefs about Reality?

There is a difference between a belief system and an observation of reality. photo credit: h.koppdelaney When we speak of Reality, we refer to “life-in-the-happening,” and when we observe life happening (as our greatest teachers and Christ did) we notice the presence of basic, consistent, principles that are ever present in the process of life – certain laws of manifestation that define the nature of

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Burdened by Story

photo credit: greg westfall. Like snow lying heavy on the backs of the grass in the field, causing it to bow to the ground in seeming defeat, our own stories lie heavy upon us. Just as the sun melts away the snow leaving the grass once again standing tall in the light of day, we too are purified, our stories dissolved by the light of

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Getting Bogged Down With Negativity.

After a week in town of seeing clients, I inevitably return to the mountain on weekends exhausted and depleted. Not until I get alone and quiet – stretching and opening and ultimately dropping the painful beliefs and stories that I’ve accumulated from my week – can I regroup, rest and restore my sanity and health. It’s sort of like the way my car windshield gets

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