Why was I born into a dysfunctional family?

It is not by accident that we are born into our particular family. I believe that each of us is born into a family that uniquely matches our own vibrational frequency at the time of our birth – not because we are being punished, not to pay back some old karmic debt necessarily, but because that family holds the set of challenges we need to experience

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Part 2; Noah … Experiencing the Floodwaters of life ….

photo credit: Vertigogen God tells Noah to prepare for the coming flood by building an ark. How is this chapter in the Bible about a flood relevant to us? Water is the element that corresponds to the emotional self. We often use “watery” terms to describe our emotional life. We talk about being “flooded with emotion” … of ”drowning in sorrow” or of being “swept

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From self-reliance to Source Reliant ….

photo credit: Jokerface 13 In the beginning it’s all about becoming self reliant. This is so necessary, of course! How else are we going to be able to build confidence in our ability to take care of ourselves? I started life on my own at an early age. I was fifteen when I left my family home. By the time I was 17, I was

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