Living My Process In “Real” Time …

My life has always been an educational experience. I have come to see that we never arrive at a place of completion in life because life is like a fast river that is ever flowing towards us; it brings to us, in its flowing stream, the challenges and obstacles that are perfectly age appropriate for us in the moment. I remember as a young mother

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Transforming Struggle to Opportunities For Awakening

(*When I sat down to blog this morning, I had something totally different in mind to write, but this post on realizing our life challenges as opportunity for Awakening is what came through and insisted on being written  … I do not know how much YOU get from what is written through this hand, but I sit at the feet of the Source of my

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Moving Past Stuckness …

We hear about expanding consciousness. We want it but HOW do we get it? That seems to be the big question. The first thing to do on this journey to a more conscious Self is to bring consciousness to the life you’re having now. After all, can you be in any other life than this one you’re in? No matter how much you may think

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Painful Life Events Offer Opportunity for Refinement

photo credit: 1la When we have no frame of reference for understanding hardship we feel like a victim to it. We see painful events as being “bad times” that we must struggle through, feeling isolated and at the mercy of outside forces. We do not understand that the painful event we experience was needed to penetrate and begin to bring down the tower of false

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When It Rains It Pours …..

by gmayster01 This past week brought challenges for our family. My daughter, the mother of my three grandchildren, ended up in the hospital dealing with severe kidney infection for three days this past week. There were lots of organizational challenges involved in getting the children’s needs covered, including arranging for someone to be in the hospital room with my daughter round the clock to care

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