“How do I meditate?”

This question is one I am often asked. It prompts my left brain thinking mind to want to come up with a technical analysis and plan, a “how to” manual on meditation. If I did such, perhaps I could  call it, “The Right Way To Meditate. I’m being a bit tongue-in-cheek, and irreverent perhaps; I do not mean to put down meditation. Nothing of the

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Why Forgiveness?

We as humans struggle with the concept of forgiveness. To many of us, to forgive, means to “roll over and take it,” and THAT, we’re not having! Nosiree! So we “make them pay.” We punish them with our resentment, and we gossip to our friends about how they hurt us. Do we feel better now? Really? Oh, I know, there’s that fleeting “hurrah” inside, that,

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Lessons from my Dog, Syrus

photo credit: Raúl A. We have a relatively new addition to our pet family. His name is Syrus and he is a full-blooded German Shepherd who is young, high-spirited, and totally full-of-himself. Fortunately he is also smart, eager-to-please, and responsive or else there would be no containing him at all on our morning walks! Our habit is to take our dogs on a morning walk

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We Don’t Need to Know How to Make it Happen …

photo credit: h.koppdelaney Only when we believe that there is a reason for every single event, situation, encounter in our lives can we truly relax into trusting Source. We must believe there is an overall plan whether we know what that is or not. I like to think that the Universe informs us on a need-to-know basis. When it’s time for us to know, we

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Letting Go Even When We Think We Can’t

d photo credit: kevindooley The much dreaded time has come. My mothers death is eminent and we must give her up. We’ve all gathered, her family and loved ones, each of us with our own idea about how we think it should go; all of us sharing an earnest desire to love and support her through her final days. My brother and I spoke about

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