Relationship As A Mirror …

photo credit: Missiz Beasley Universal principles teach us that the behavior and habits that trigger a negative response in us will be reflections of things about us that we have judged negatively. Our loved ones show us how we feel about ourselves. Take for example a couple where one partner complains that the other is out of control financially or, perhaps ones partner doesn’t take

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Staying Centered In Challenging Relationship

photo credit: Photofreak! Believe it or not, it is possible to experience peace and contentment even when we are in relationship with a “less than desirable” partner. A shift in our own consciousness is all that is required. (Notice I did not say that it is our partners consciousness that must shift! :)) To experience such a shift in consciousness we must learn to perceive

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Practicing Surrender

It is so important to practice surrender. Surrender is what allows us to merge with the stream of consciousness that runs through and enlivens us always. This stream – an ever flowing mental current, is the stuff eternity is made of …. Surrender is what takes us forward into it – this never ending expansion of a single flowing river of Mind. We get there

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Reality versus Shouldville

Since I trust that there is a plan greater than my own … and that Reality calls the shots in a way that ultimately serves me best, I can trust that what is happening today is what is supposed to be happening. This means, that in spite of the ego voice that says I should be further along or that I’m supposed to be doing

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How do we make sense of horrendous happenings?

A friend recently shared sad news with me about the murder of one of her friends and asked me to help her reconcile her feelings of guilt and sadness around it. My response follows …. It’s hard to make any sort of sense of such happenings … especially when we identify solely with physical reality and the surface appearance of things. I want to walk

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