Which do you choose – Source or Separation?

photo credit: alicepopkorn Source, in its infinite wisdom and compassion for us, stands back, allowing us the freedom to believe whatever limiting thoughts we choose (and the suffering that goes with it). Source does not intervene or attempt to rescue us from our painful thinking. It just goes on ceaselessly radiating its Light and Kindness – leaving us free to choose: Do we choose to

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Relationship As A Mirror …

photo credit: Missiz Beasley Universal principles teach us that the behavior and habits that trigger a negative response in us will be reflections of things about us that we have judged negatively. Our loved ones show us how we feel about ourselves. Take for example a couple where one partner complains that the other is out of control financially or, perhaps ones partner doesn’t take

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No Mistake …

photo credit: Thirteen Of Clubs The people in our lives are there by design, especially our lifemates. You could even say that they are handpicked to play the role they play in our lives. Whether we like it or not, whether we approve of the way they live their lives or handle money, regardless of how we feel about them, they are in our life

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Staying Centered In Challenging Relationship

photo credit: Photofreak! Believe it or not, it is possible to experience peace and contentment even when we are in relationship with a “less than desirable” partner. A shift in our own consciousness is all that is required. (Notice I did not say that it is our partners consciousness that must shift! :)) To experience such a shift in consciousness we must learn to perceive

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What does it mean to live a principled life?

by alicepopkorn Stressful situations are working opportunities for us to practice Universal principles. When we live our lives by certain tried and true principles things work out very smoothly for us. We are living what is known as a “principled life.” A principled life comes about as a result of successfully applying spiritual principles to our everyday lives. We memorize universal laws and take them

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