To Survive or To Save Others

photo credit: gogoloopie There’s a difference between what I call a starting gate persecutor and the persecutor role a rescuer plays as they trek around the triangle. It is this: A starting gate persecutor lives out of a deep-seated conviction that attack is the only way to survive. A starting gate rescuer in the role of the persecutor is a rescuer who feels frustrated because

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Transcending A State Of Victimhood

photo credit: Sarah G… War, imprisonment, murder, rape, any and all unkindnesses we commit towards one another, truly, any interaction between humans that creates resistance, takes place on the Victim Triangle. Such destructive interactions are the actual results of generations, indeed centuries of living in a state of Victimhood. As long as we believe another is trying to hurt (or destroy) us (or another), we

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Motives for Rescuing Others

by hairybald When we help others out of a need for approval or a sense of guilt, obligation or superiority, we are rescuing. This puts us on the Victim Triangle™ where we end up in the victim role. Here are a few possible underlying motives for rescuing: Because we believe that it’s selfish to take care of ourselves, we do for others from a hidden

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