Judging Others and Giving Advice

photo credit: shannonkringen Here’s a few sobering, and liberating, realizations I’ve had about the nature of judgment and advice which you might find worth reflecting on: What we accuse others of is what we have judged and denied in ourselves; the advice we give others is more often meant for us! The things we want others to do are very often the very things we

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Letting Go of Judgment

by ClintJCL I visited my old stomping grounds recently – the place I grew up and where some old friends remain, still indulging in the alcohol and bar-related activities I too, once did …. I enjoyed being with them even though I no longer participate in those former activities. What made it most enjoyable, I later reflected, was the lack of judgment or comparison I

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Even Self Loathing Serves….

In thinking about the function of self loathing, I’ve come to this conclusion…. I absolutely believe that the self loathing voice in us can be a primary motivator for consciousness. It produces a most uncomfortable frequency that drives us to higher ground. It may well be that without the self generated misery that loathing instills, we would evolve very little indeed! So … a toast

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To Go, or Not to Go On a Pilgrimage

2007-08-13 4:02 pm Out of the blue this morning, I invited my son to walk the Camino Pilgrimage in Spain with me and he agreed. I am still marveling over how it happened. I’ve been in this process of deciding to go or not to go for months … three times I decided I was not going — it’s too expensive and difficult on a

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Anniversary Resistance

Every year, Daniel and I take two weekend road trips to someplace within driving distance, in order to revel and relax in each others company; we go once a year, to celebrate our wedding anniversary and then again, we take a small trip during our birthday season (our birthdays are not quite a month apart). We just returned from our anniversary weekend. It was a

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