Judging Others and Giving Advice

photo credit: shannonkringen Here’s a few sobering, and liberating, realizations I’ve had about the nature of judgment and advice which you might find worth reflecting on: What we accuse others of is what we have judged and denied in ourselves; the advice we give others is more often meant for us! The things we want others to do are very often the very things we

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Those We Resist Teach Us The Most

photo credit: Anders V It’s the people we resist most that are our real teachers. They teach us all about our relationship w/ ourselves. I’ve noticed that the things we most resist about others, the things we judge and resent them for, are most often the very same things we’ve judged as unacceptable about ourselves and denied. For instance, let’s say I’m thinking, “She/he is

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God’s Will

photo credit: [kor-TEZ] God’s will is to bring us more firmly into alignment with the Universe by reflecting to us, through our negative judgments, the limiting beliefs we hold towards ourselves and others that are keeping us from that alignment, and therefore inner peace.

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Self Blame leads to Judgment of Others ……..

by FatBusinessman Negative judgment of others acts like a finger pointing, it reflects back to us our own internalized guilt. Blame of self is behind all externally focused negative judgment. For instance, when I find fault in you … I am really seeing something about myself that I have not accepted. Instead of owning it, I deny it and look for a way to blame

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Projecting Onto Others Serve Us ….

Our projection on others are meant to serve us. Our judgments about them can bring us back to a judgment against ourselves and the story that goes with it … all we need do is to follow it in. Our friends are loving us through their willingness to carry our negative projections (whether they know it or not). They are helping us increase self awareness

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