Is My Message Anti-Christian? (part three)

photo credit: Vectorportal In my last post, which was part two in this series of describing my faith journey, I briefly described how my adolescent rebellion, which included experimentation with drugs, and a highly adventurous lifestyle, were all part of finding my way back to God. I mentioned that my father was the one who pointed me to the twelve steps and recovery through his

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Questioning An Unhappy Thought

photo credit: AGENT82 Here’s a sample of my use of The Work in dealing with the troubling thought, “I am a failure because I don’t market my business well.” The first step towards clearing this negative & limiting thought was to recognize what I was believing so that I could question it; “I am a failure, is it true?” I then wrote down all the

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Beliefs Control the Body

photo credit: h.koppdelaney I had a profound healing experience this morning during my daily practice while listening to a guided imagery on a CD, called “Deep Relaxation.” by Cathy Lumsden. I had completed my hatha yoga practice and was lying, deeply relaxed in shivaysana. My attention was fixed on my inner body and I became intensely aware of the difference in energy between my right

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Prompting From Source; Universal Guidance

photo credit: nflorence2012 Source chooses the perfect moment for things to be done – all we need to do is wait for Its prompting, rather than trying to bully, guilt, coerce or force ourselves into doing what we think “should” be done; rather than forcing our own will on the situation. When we are moved by Source, rather than our own egos, we can trust

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