Shifting Our Focus From The Outer to The Inner

photo credit: bethography – melting mama Our whole way of seeing must shift if we are to experience lasting transformation. We must shift our focus from the external world of form to the deeper internal focus. This shift of focus is absolutely necessary for higher consciousness, health and inner peace to prevail in our lives. Here’s an example: Deborah is overweight and complains of feeling

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Which do you choose for protection from fear?

If you just found out that your neighborhood is experiencing a rash of break-ins, what would your response be? Which of these two options would you be more likely to choose – a gun & iron grills over your windows? Or would you choose to ask for protection through prayer? Your choice is a general indicator of your world focus. It indicates whether you are

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From External to Internal Focus

Gradually, we lose interest in futile external attempts to manipulate the world and become absorbed instead by what we’re learning and experiencing on the inner planes. We find more changes happen externally when we address their causes within our minds. It’s a major shift – this going from external to internal focus and one that brings freedom in a way that nothing else can. There

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