Is My Message Anti-Christian? (part three)

photo credit: Vectorportal In my last post, which was part two in this series of describing my faith journey, I briefly described how my adolescent rebellion, which included experimentation with drugs, and a highly adventurous lifestyle, were all part of finding my way back to God. I mentioned that my father was the one who pointed me to the twelve steps and recovery through his

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Prompting From Source; Universal Guidance

photo credit: nflorence2012 Source chooses the perfect moment for things to be done – all we need to do is wait for Its prompting, rather than trying to bully, guilt, coerce or force ourselves into doing what we think “should” be done; rather than forcing our own will on the situation. When we are moved by Source, rather than our own egos, we can trust

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Holding a Pattern of Thought

There’s been a pattern put in place by a thought. It is held in place by that thought stream of energy. (I am fat … sick ….etc) and there is an incessant “voice” that speaks constantly to us to cooperate … (You are fat … sick, etc) in the proving of it. And so we do.

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Hearing the small still voice

Receiving answers to life’s questions through inner dialog is ALWAYS available to us. All that’s required is that we be quiet enough and trusting enough to hear that “small, still voice”. The goal is to stimulate access to a sort of ongoing conversation with that Inner Wisdom throughout our day. This is why I encourage a daily practice. The discipline of starting each day with

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Listening to the Inner Voice ….

Finally, I became ready to listen to that Inner Voice – of Silence & Empty Wisdom – and follow Its instructions rather than my own ceaseless mind chatter. Life got immediately more clear and abundant as a result.

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