Receiving The Blessing of Giving …

Last year’s anonymous gift giving spree whet the appetite for another go at it this year. Our stated goal was to give to any and everyone we encountered on our walk across Walnut Street Bridge, “just because,” with no strings attached. Our children were eager to get back out there. Kids thrive on repetition and ritual … they like to “know the ropes,” so to

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Counting Our Blessings, Christmas, 2011

I decided to share a Christmas letter with you counting blessings for 2011. May it inspire you to count your own! 🙂 Greetings! I pray this letter finds you and yours enjoying a peaceful, if not joyful, season, and that you are looking forward to a bright new year! Since the holiday season is a time to remember back over the year and count our

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Birthing Christ Consciousness

photo credit: Martin Beek Christmas is the time of year for commemorating the birth of the historical Christ child; Christmas is also of parallel importance to each of us individually as we take time to make room for the Christ consciousness within our own heart. The Biblical account of the advent of Christ (Matthew 1:18-25, 2:1-12) contains much that is equally applicable to our own

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Holiday Relational Conflict

The Holidays are a time when we find ourselves in close quarters with family members we otherwise may tend to avoid. Having conflicts with loved ones can be stressful and excruciatingly painful. I find it helpful to remember that the Universe is really working for us by bringing these challenging opportunities. They allow us to see ourselves more clearly. Here are some things to remind

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