What Does A Healthy Relationship Look Like?

A healthy relationship is one where it is safe to tell the truth. It is safe because neither of us hold the other one responsible for our own personal happiness or success. Therefore we don’t feel easily insulted or threatened by what the other one thinks or does, by their opinions or choices. In a healthy relationship, we feel at ease; we trust that our

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Finding the “Right” Relationship

 photo credit: Coffee Monster Single clients who are looking for a mate, say things like: “I am lonely & unhappy because I don’t have someone to share my life with,” or “I don’t enjoy being alone. I need someone – someone who will treat me right.” From those who are married, I hear, “He/she doesn’t listen to me or consider my feelings,” or “I feel

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How to Find Right Relationship ….

If we are to have truly right relationship … you must start with you. I remember hearing somewhere that a good way to determine if you are ready (i.e. emotionally mature enough) to commit to having relationship is to notice how well you’re able to care for your houseplants or a pet. I think there’s something to this. After all, if I can’t even remember

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