The Universal Response …

Perhaps, you recall (or maybe not) my earlier mention of the desire to acquire a better vocabulary for describing this alchemical inner body process that I’ve been experiencing so that I can pass it on more effectively. I’ve been practicing with commitment – and “sincerity”, Jeff, my recent Qigong teacher would say – for some years and am eager to share its success with others.

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A fiery, young Qigong master teaches ….

I am continuing to realize the gifts of insight that I received this past weekend’s from the Qigong Seminar that Daniel and I attended led by Jeff Primack of Supreme Science Qigong. I SO believe in bringing our body, with its own distinct intelligence into the consciousness expansion process… and to find such a wonderful teacher of Qigong is a wonderful treat. Among the top

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Clearing Core Beliefs Energetically

This morning while doing Qigong, I was paying attention to the felt-sense differences in energy as I moved my hands over (Without physically touching) various areas of my mid-body. I noticed that there was a definite difference between the energy on my right versus the energy on my left side of the body. The right felt thick and sort of heavy – sticky … I

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Personal Transformation; My Story – part 4 (Dramatic Change)

Today, not a year later, the changes are dramatic, inside and out. I do indeed have a new body. For instance, I dropped forty pounds without effort. I mean that literally. I did not diet. As a matter of fact, when I made the decision to become a serious practitioner, losing weight was not foremost in my thoughts. I wanted to heal and align with

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