Teaching Kids To Choose Happiness

My daughter and my three grandchildren were visiting recently and I suggested that we take the dogs and walk over to see the new cabin our neighbor was building just up the road. Everyone was enthusiastic about going except for my youngest grandson who just turned four. He was immediately resistant. It was too hot, he said. His head hurt, and he needed his mama to

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The Secret of Contentment

photo credit: David Davies photo credit: JOE M500 photo credit: Leonid Mamchenkov My life is so full of good stuff right now! Why would I be in a rush to get to some imagined “better” place? There are no dreaded moments in my day. Everything I do I choose so there’s nothing I feel forced to do or resentful about having to do. It is

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Birthday Gratitude

Today is my birthday. I awakened on the hide-away bed in my mothers basement, marveling at how & where the Universe places us at any given time. I did not plan to celebrate my birthday with my two siblings and aging parents on my birthday … it’s just the way it unfolded. As a matter of fact, we had planned something totally different – but

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