Shaming ourselves does not stop negative behavior

The more we shame ourselves for something we do that we feel is not healthy, the more we will feel powerless to stop it. Powerlessness is the worst feeling imaginable. It’s easier to deny the issue altogether than to feel so at its mercy. And that is usually exactly what we do next. After judging an addictive pattern, for instance as hopeless, we will swing

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Resistance and shame reinforce addiction ….

Resistance is a form of negative attention. “Anything we resist persists” … as the saying goes. As mentioned previously, attention is a fertilizer. Resistance is the negative form of attention we give to something that we don’t like. We start fighting against it – through protest perhaps, or by verbal attack … we “should” it or lambast it or feel “bad” about it … etc.

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To Act With Certainty

Then, this morning, it occurs to me that what is being asked is to act with Certainty. I either invest belief in these spiritual principles or not. If I believe them then I will act accordingly. When doubt sets in, confidence wavers and my action reflects that self doubt. It’s as if “flotsam” from old story works it’s way loose in my psyche and floats

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Using Negative Behavior to Detect Old Story

I have recognized the power of using my own negative emotional reaction as a doorway into dissolving old story. There is another powerful “story detector” available for our use in the clearing process … our behavior. How we act comes from how we “see things”; in other words, our behavior comes from what we believe. Learning to watch our behavior without judgment is a powerful

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